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Another bonus track lyric preview from 1989

Taylor Swift’s Deluxe 1989 album - Target commercial

And I got that good girl faith and tight little skirt…  taylorswift

It’s been waiting for you // taylorswift

“Bravery happens to people in different ways. 
I think it can be as simple as saying what you mean,
about being honest about who you are, who you love.”

You've got that long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt,
And I've got that good girl faith, and a tight little skirt.
And when we go crashing down, we come back every time.
We'll never go out of style, we'll never go out of style
Take me home! - Taylor Swift, 'Style'

 But you know you wouldn’t change anything

"Tumblr: A Place To Be Yourself, And Also To Use Words You’ve Only Ever Heard In Rap Songs/Teen Slang" The working title of the report I would write on Tumblr, if I had any reason to write reports of any kind ever.”





6 DAYS UNTIL 1989!


taylorswift there’s one more hour left of 6 more days!!!!!!!

30 MINUTES LEFT. THEN IT’S 5 DAYS! AHHHH!!!! taylorswift